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How to buy?

How to place an order in store Dr Irena Eris?

We do our best to make shopping in our store was intuitive and simple. In a few steps we will bring you closer to the principle of the transaction.
You can place your order in several ways! The quickest and the easiest is traditional way. Add chosen products to the basket, choose the method of payment and completing the transaction. If you prefer the classic methods of ordering, we also provide contract:
by phone –  call our hotline: 25 640 71 62 open Monday to Friday from 8 am - 4 pm. Your order will be accepted by the competent person who will help you in choosing cosmetics. Connection charged as TP SA.
by e-mailwe make available at your disposal e-mail: sklep@Pharmaceris.com. You can place an order for selected products via e-mail. Choosing this way, please include all correspondence data with the phone number. Please write a list of selected products and way of settlement payment. Shop service will add your order to the system and inform you of the status.

• At your disposal we also  provide a mobile phone number: 600 430 520. Number opened from Monday to Friday from 8 at - 4 pm. Call this number! Shop's service will answer any questions and doubts.

• To place an order in our online shop Dr Irena Eris, add selected products to the basket by clicking on the icon that represents the basket, which is available for each product. Your selection will be displayed in the list of products in the basket store.  In basket, you can specify delivery method, select a payment method and courier service. In basket, you can specify delivery method, select a payment method and courier service. The next step is to fill out the address form and the final acceptance and shipment contract. The next stages of your order you will be informed by the shop service for Dr Irena Eris.

•Top menu bar is a basic functional menu, which is used to view the transaction (products added to cart). From here begins the adventure of the processing an order to shop online. Icon 'go to Cash box' will take you to a virtual basket store.

Step 1 of 4
After entering the basket begin the process of decision-making about your purchases. Process is divided into four steps. First, check the state, quantity and value of chosen products. After checking the contents of the basket, realize orders. Please enter the delivery address, select a payment method and courier. ultimately approve its previous elections. Approval is tantamount to making a purchase in a store Dr Irena Eris. Depending on the value of your order, some of the options in the basket may not be available, such as free delivery.

Step 2
Subsequently, should be complement identification data and adress customer. If you already bought in our store and you were asked to create an account, you can use your login and password for the next transaction. In this way you become our regular customer and open the door to use special offers, discounts, and to participate in the loyalty program.
If you select 'I want a VAT invoice' you will be asked to enter in the form the information  about your business. At this stage, choose the method of transport and method of payment. You can also enter their comments to the order, in the 'Notes to Order. 'After verification of their data to confirm everything by pressing the 'Realize order'.

Step 3
The next step the ordering is checking of data and costs. After completion of the transaction by the 'Realize order', our auto responder will inform you of the acceptance the order and payment phases.

Try it now! Dr Irena Eris online store's service.

If you want to know more about the functioning of the shop go to the other help topics. If you can not find answers to your questions, call our hotline: 25 64 071 62 (Mon-Fri: 8 am - 4 pm) or send an e-mail sklep@Pharmaceris.com